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Mar 04 Introduction - Systems of Linear Equations
Mar 06 Guassian Elimination and Gauss-Jordan Method
Mar 11 Vectors and Matrices
Mar 13 Matrix Inverse
Mar 18 Application: Temperature Equilibrium
Mar 20 Vectors, Norms and Inner Products
Mar 25 Orthogonality, Lines, Planes and Hyperplanes
Mar 27 Projections
Apr 01 Determinants
Apr 03 Cofactors
Apr 08 Vector Spaces and Subspaces
Apr 10 Linear Independence and Basis
Apr 15 Application: Introduction to Graph Theory
Apr 17 Midterm Summary and Review
Apr 22 Midterm Exam
Apr 29 The Four Fundamental Spaces
May 01 The Fundamental Theorem of Linear Algebra
May 06 Holiday
May 08 No Class
May 13 Lights Out
May 15 Matrix Transformations
May 20 Matrix Transformation Properties and Geometric Transformations in Image Processing
May 22 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
May 27 Complex Vector Spaces, Fibonacci Sequences, and the Golden Ratio
May 29 The Power Method and the Google Matrix
Jun 03 Markov Chains
Jun 05 Applications of Markov Chains: Medical Diagnosis and the Ehrenfest Model of Diffusion
Jun 10 Linear Algebra in a Nutshell - An End of the Semester Tour
Jun 17 Final Exam Formula Sheet



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