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Welcome to the Multiscale Thermal Engineering Laboratory (MTEL) !!!

  The MTEL group is involved in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Chung-Ang University. Our research is focused on the following topics: multiphase flows and heat/mass transfer, computational fluid dynamics, and multiphysics. Some specific topics include wetting dynamics of a droplet (wettability change induced by the surface treatment), interfacial phenomena during evaporation, condensation and ice formation change on functional surfaces, ultrashort pulse laer ablation analysis, micro-fluidics and sensing technology, thermal spray technology(CFD analysis and experiments), and nitriding technology for anti-corrosion surface development. Our work is interdisciplinary and combines mechanical engineering, physics, and materials science.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chung-Ang Universityhttp://me.cau.ac.kr/main/index.php
Multiscale Thermal Engineering Laboratory


Local aggregation characteristics of a nanofluid droplet during evaporation”, was published in the International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (Vol. 72, pp. 336-344 in 2014: Authors: DH Shin, CK Choi, and SH Lee)


Project opening (Droplet Evaporation)




“Effect of spanwise pressure gradient on flow and heat transfer characteristics of longitudinal vortices embedded in a turbulent boundary layer”, was published in Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology (Vol. 29, No. 2, pp. 867-875 in 2015: Authors: J Lee, JH Moon, J Park, DY Kim, and SH Lee)

“Visualization of an evaporating thin layer during the evaporation of a nanofluid droplet”, was published in Langmuir (Vol. 31, No. 4, pp. 1237-1241 in 2015: Authors: DH Shin, J.S Allen, CK Choi, and SH Lee)

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Professor : Seong Hyuk Lee


Global PhD Fellowship (Joo Hyun Moon) extended.


Global PhD Fellowship (Dae Yun Kim) granted.


“Characteristics of droplet growth behavior on hydrophobic micro-textured surfaces”, was published in ASME Journal of Heat Transfer (Vol. 137, No. 8, pp. 080906-1 in 2015: Authors: JB Lee, JH Moon, M Cho, and SH Lee)


“A rebounding droplet impacting on a static droplet”, was published in ASME Journal of Heat Transfer (Vol. 137, No. 8, pp. 080909-1 in 2015: Authors: JH Moon, CK Choi, J.S Allen, and SH Lee)

Prof. Seong Hyuk Lee was awarded the Young Scientist Award from the KSME.


Chan Ho Jeong was awarded the excellent paper award from the KSME.


“System for Quantity of Accident Damage by Gas Leakage in Confined Space”, was registered in Korean Intellectual Property Office. (Patent Number: 10-1662950)



Global PhD Fellowship (Dae Yun Kim) extended.


Chan Ho Jeong was awarded the excellent paper award from the SAREK.


Soyeong Lee was awarded the excellent paper award from the SAREK.

2018 winter MESTER

  1. 1.초고속 이미징을 이용한 고온 표면의 액적 충돌 가시화 실험연구

  2. 2.전산유체역학을 이용한 보일러 튜브 주위 열전달 해석

  3. 3.다중물리해석을 이용한 연료전지 성능 해석 연구

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